Application Fee Waiver Request - Graduate Prep Programs

    UC Riverside provides a fee waiver for applicants who are current or recent participants in an approved graduate prep program. Note: Not all graduate preparation programs are eligible for the fee waiver.

    All eligible programs are listed in the form below.

    • Select the appropriate graduate preparation program. Cal-Bridge participants will be verified by Maria Franco-Gallardo in our Academic Prep and Outreach office. You will not be prompted to upload a verification letter.
    • Attach the required confirmation of participation letter if you already have proof or have the program director email it to Graduate Admissions once you have submitted this form. Please provide them with your Application ID# and request that they include this in their email. All letters must include the participants name, name of program participated in, and dates of participation. We cannot accept your offer letter into the program as proof of participation.
    • Complete the below form and submit. This form needs to be submitted at least two business days prior to the application deadline specified by the program you are applying to.  Campus closure due to observed holidays cannot be included in the 2 business day count. We encourage you to submit this form 1-2 weeks prior to your application deadline so that you don't miss the deadline or are forced to pay the application fee to meet the application deadline.

    Do not pay and submit your application prior to receiving feedback from our office, as we are unable to waive or refund an application fee once it has already been paid. Questions regarding the application fee waiver process or inquiries to programs not listed may be directed to

    Registration is no longer available because the event has been cancelled.